Our mission is simple:

1. To provide the highest quality osteopathic care in the region.

2. To effectively treat you within 1-2 consultations.

3. To help you achieve overall wellbeing that’s sustainable in everyday life.

4. To support our osteopathic care with a range of alternative therapies.

Established for over 18 years, our osteopaths are of the highest caliber, offering finely skilled osteopathic care for a wide range of conditions. And because they’re also involved in teaching within the industry, their knowledge and expertise is always on the pulse.

Far from keeping you coming back week after week, we aim to effectively treat you within 1-2 consultations So no forking out for seemingly endless consultations. Within just a few visits, we will identify your problem, treat you holistically and equip you with the inner resources needed to avoid further injury and sustain good health in everyday life.

Whether you suffer from back pain, headaches or an ongoing injury, our up-to-the-minute expert knowledge and techniques will help balance both body and mind for the long-term.

Holistic care for overall wellbeing…

We also offer a range of alternative therapies to compliment our osteopathic care, including massage, acupuncture and homeopathy. As with our osteopaths, our alternative therapists are highly trained experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

And because healing requires a relaxed and welcoming environment, our practice offers comfortable and serene surroundings in which to enjoy your road to recovery.

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