Osteopathy’s gentle and non-invasive approach makes it ideal for treating children, including newborn babies.

Our osteopaths are highly skilled experts with a great deal of experience in treating children and newborns. Using soft tissue techniques along with incredibly gentle articulation and mobilisation of the joints, they will work with your child to identify and treat a range of problems, including developmental and emotional issues.

Your child is unique, which is why we don’t just treat the symptom – we treat the individual.

When it comes to effectively treating an individual, there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. As such, our osteopaths get to know your child’s unique structure so that they can target the problem specifically.

The ripple effect

Osteopathy believes that the body’s structure and function are interdependent, with each region connected to every other region. Thus, symptoms that occur in one part of the body may be caused by an abnormality in a completely different area.

For example, a problem with your child’s breathing or sleeping may be caused by issues with their head or body structure, which may be the result of a difficult labour.

Think of it as a ripple effect – when you throw a stone into water, the reverberations (symptoms) continue long after the first splash (cause). Thus, to effectively treat a problem, the cause must be identified and rectified.

From growth development problems to sleeping, behaviour and breathing, our osteopaths will work holistically to create harmony between your child’s structure and function, improving their overall wellbeing and long-term health.


The transition from inside the womb to the outside world is dramatic, and unsurprisingly the journey can have significant effects on your baby’s physical structure and functioning. The stresses of labour can lead to both physical and psychological dysfunction, including unsettled behaviour and difficulties with feeding and sleeping. These problems, if left untreated, can continue into adolescence and even adulthood. Your osteopath can identify where your baby’s structure has been disturbed and work towards a sustainable and effective resolution.


As soon as your baby starts to crawl they begin to use parts of their body that have – up until now – been relatively immobile. To prevent developmental issues in the future, it’s important these early steps are fluid and unproblematic. Your osteopath will use gentle techniques to ensure your child’s body is functioning optimally, giving them the best start to healthy development.


Children are constantly growing and developing. For long-term health, it’s vital these stages run smoothly. However, it’s not uncommon for a child’s development to be hindered by structural problems caused by a variety of factors, including difficulties during pregnancy, accidents, infections or genetic disorders. Our osteopaths use gentle techniques to get to the heart of the issue, rebalancing and realigning your child’s structure for robust development into adulthood.


We have a range of services suitable for teenagers as we have with younger children so please contact us for more details.

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