To participate in any kind of sport, your body needs to be functioning optimally. But to function optimally, every part of your body must work together seamlessly, from head to toe.

Osteopathy believes that your bones, ligaments and soft tissue are interconnected and that the health of one area depends on the health of every other area. Think of it as the mechanism in a grandfather clock – all the intricate parts must ‘do their part’ for the time to be accurate.

Of course, this interconnection means that when one part of the body experiences trauma, that trauma has a knock-on effect, causing symptoms you may think are unrelated. But in fact, symptoms are rarely an isolated issue. For example, a runner’s foot pain could be caused by a problem within the lower back.

Experienced osteopaths at all sporting levels

As the largest osteopathic centre in the region, we work alongside people participating in a variety of sports at all levels. We’re also actively involved with the Professional Windsurfing Association, providing support and treatment at many events.

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