We’ve developed a reputation for expert osteopathic care that benefits you long after your final consultation. To give you an idea of the steps we take towards your recovery, here’s a bird’s eye view of the process:

The background check

Before any treatment takes place, your osteopath will conduct a full examination, using conventional medical tests where necessary. A full medical case history will also be taken, including accidents, illnesses, operations and any other factors that may contribute to reduced health.

The treatment plan

As part of the above process, your osteopath will assess whether osteopathic treatment is the best option, or whether you should be referred to another practitioner. Occasionally, a combination of osteopathy and other treatment/s may be the most appropriate approach – our own acupuncturist, homeopath and massage therapists can provide therapeutic support.

The physical consultation

During the physical consultation, your osteopath will use sensitive palpatory skills to identify where your body’s structure has been disturbed. Osteopathic treatment involves soft tissue techniques, along with articulation and mobilisation of the joints. The treatment is very gentle and conducted with your assistance.

The goal

Our aim is to effectively treat you within 1-2 consultations. We want your body to learn to heal itself and sustain good health in day-to-day life. By treating the root cause of the problem we can assist in sustainable and holistic healing that resonates throughout the rest of the body.

The bigger picture

To help you achieve the highest possible level of health, we’ll provide advice on diet, exercise, posture and many other aspects of daily life. Other areas of management include the formulation of an individual exercise programme to suit you, with emphasis on breathing exercises and the avoidance of aggravating factors.

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